Moraze Pack of 3 Glittery Colored Eyeliner (Green, Blue, Black), Waterproof, Smudge Proof, Long Lasting, 3.5 ML Each

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Eyeliner is a bold, lustrous product that delivers a smooth, shiny line in just one stroke. Highlighting the eyes with a glistening finish. Glides easily, is quick drying, light weight, waterproof and long lasting. Enriched with pigments from Japan and is infused with Argan Oil. Free from any and all parabens and silicones.

Country Of Origin India
Colour Pack 3 (Black, Blue, Green)
Formulation Liquid
Brand Moraze
Skin Type All Skin Types
Finishing Glitter
Weight 3.5 ml
Expiry Date 780 days from the date of manufacture