Natural Hair Colour - Dark Brown

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Colour your hair without causing any damage. The chemical-free, all natural Dark Brown Hair colour nourishes the hair and improves texture. Henna infused with Amla, Bhringraj, Indigo & other herbs to impart hues of brown provide hair with a dense and lush look.


- The natural colour helps prevent premature greying and covers up grey hair well.
- Tangling due to dryness of hair is prevented and the hair exhibits richness and shine.
- Scalp dryness and other scalp infections are cured.
- Hair strands are strengthened thus preventing hair fall, hair breakage and split ends.
- Hair texture improves and frizz and flyaways are controlled.

Color Dark Brown
Gender Unisex
Formulation Powder
Brand TVAM
Weight 100 gm
Country Of Origin India

- Revitalizes the hair and deeply conditions the hair and scalp. Henna improves hair growth and can add volume to dull locks. It makes the hair soft, silky and heals hair shafts.

- Indigo is a natural colorant that adds a rich colour to hair without any damage. It also conditions nourishes the hair making them manageable and lustrous.

- A key ingredient in making hair softer and shinier. Amla adds a resilient lustre to hair and strengthens the strands making the hair look lush and voluminous.

- Known as the 'Food for Hair', Bhringraj nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens hair. This ingredient treats dandruff, prevents hair fall and repairs damaged hair.

A multi-faceted Ayurvedic ingredient, Neem is recommended for treating several scalp conditions. With its healing, cooling and anti-bacterial properties, Neem is excellent in curing dandruff and also preventing hair loss and breakage. It helps hair follicles become stronger and encourages hair growth.

- The ingredients are organically grown and hand plucked.
- The powders and triple refined to ensure the best quality product.
- Hair is voluminous and noticeably thicker.
- Dry scalp is treated.
- The hair gets an appealing brown colour sans the side effects of harmful dyes.

Sold by : TVAM Naturally Yours

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