100% Pure & Natural Hibiscus Flower Powder For Hair Care & Face Pack-100gm

Avnii Organics
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When we step out of our house for work we get exposed to pollution, dirt and dust. It affects our skin and hair, and it gets very difficult to maintain and nourish them. hibiscus powder is a natural cleansing agent that helps you to keep your scalp clean and exfoliate your skin. Hibiscus powder is filled with the goodness of organic and natural ingredients. There is no chemical added to this powder that may cause harm to your hair or skin. It is rich in amino acid that keeps your hair nourished. Avnii Organics presents a microfine hibiscus powder that is made from shade-dried fresh hibiscus flowers. The triple-sifted process makes it a lump-free powder that is easy to apply over face, skin and hair. It has multiple usage for both skin and hair. Pamper your skin and hair naturally with organic hibiscus powder that not only helps in maintaining a clean scalp but also exfoliates your skin and face with its natural scrubbing and cleansing properties. Enriched with antioxidants this is an ideal natural solution to purify your skin and keep a healthy, nourished scalp naturally.

· ORGANIC HIBISCUS POWDER:- Hibiscus Powder is known for its pleasant fragrance and the aromatic properties. It is used as prime herb in various herbal cosmetic formulations for hair. Many people use it with henna to give a aroma and refreshing feeling to hair. Hibiscus is also a main ingredient in many wonderfully refreshing teas made around the world.
· NATURAL CONDITIONER FOR HAIR:- Hibiscus Powder conditions dry hair. Strengthen hair. Regular use of hibiscus controls premature graying of hair. Hibiscus prevents hair from breakage resulting into long and strong hair. Volume boost : With regular use of hibiscus, hairs become thicker and denser.
· GOOD FOR HAIR, SKIN &TEA:- In Indian Ayurveda, hibiscus flowers are considered highly sacred. They are used in spiritual practices for their ability to open the heart and encourage love and devotion. When used internally, hibiscus removes excess heat from the body and supports a healthy circulatory system. It has healing properties that helps in soothing fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation. Exfoliates dead skin cells, acts as cleanser leaving radiant glowing skin.
· NO ADDED CHEMICALS:- The powder is extracted from natural ingredients. It is devoid of harsh chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, additives, preservatives and GMO.

Product ID HIM2
Formulation Powder
Brand Avnii Organics
Package Type Bottle
Size Small
Skin type All Skin Types
Weight 100 gm
Country Of Origin India
Expiry Date 01/08/2025

Hibiscus Flower Powder

· (Step 1):-To improve the hair texture, mix the hibiscus powder with curd. If you want to apply the hibiscus powder on your skin, mix it with rose water.

· (Step 2):- Apply the mixture on your hair or skin and face and leave it for 10-15 minutes to dry it before washing it off.

· (Step 3):- Wash your hair and face with normal or luke warm water and get a healthy hair and face.

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