LUXURI Anti- Chafing Rash Cream For Rash Chafing & Soreness Caused Due to Excessive Sweat Or Rubbing in Intimate Areas, Heavy thighs, Sports Activities, Waxing, - 25gm

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Rashes due to sanitary pads is a common problem that most of the women face. Unlike most of the products available in the market, it is a 100% organic product. All its ingredients are derived from plant sources. It is devoid of any toxic chemicals that can cause harm in the short or long term and is specially made to suit all skin types and people of all ages. Anti-chafing Rash Cream helps in soothing rashes in your intimate areas due to sanitary pads, excessive sweat and rubbing of the skin. Also recommended for athletes (cyclists, runners, trekkers, swimmers) and gym enthusiasts.
★ RASHES & SORENESS - An Ideal cream for rashes and soreness. Fade out all types of rashes, show its results from the first day of application.
★ REDUCES ITCHING- Help to reduce rashes and soreness caused due to excessive sweat or rubbing in intimate areas.
★ INSTANT RASHES - The cream's hypoallergenic ingredients make it ideal for sensitive skin and can be used for all types of rashes.
★ NOURISHES - Fast-absorbing formula that moisturizes skin without a greasy feel.
★ SAFE FOR INTIMATE- It Nourishes skin chafed due to friction, sanitary pads and sweating.

Product ID 10
Weight 25 gm
Skin type All Skin Types
Size Small
Formulation Cream
Country Of Origin India

Chamomile, Jojoba, Cocoa Butter, Grapevine, Aloevera, Sesame, Oilve Oil, Vitamin B3

Clean and pat dry the chafed area, then Apply the cream slowly in circular motion.

Rashes due to sanitary pads is a common problem that most of the women face.

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