30 Pcs Reusable Acrylic False/Artificial Nails Extension With Application Kit

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Like a white linen sundress or a crisp Oxford button-down worn as a coverup over a one-piece swimsuit, there's something inherently summery and classy about whites. It extends past apparel into accessories, too, from freshwater pearl pendants to your white leather purse and a matching mani-pedi. This White press on nail set is timeless and classic, and it is something that many women find appealing because it doesn’t go out of style. You’ve likely seen the hottest celebs sporting this colour on their nails, but it is not hard to give yourself a manicure with this crisp hue at home that’s why we are here with this luxurious 30 pcs white with 3 nude pearl-studded and 3 red printed square press on nail. The neutral shade allows you to mix and match with bold coloured or printed garments easily. What makes these best? While the hints of red and pearl add drama and sophistication to your hands. In fact, it is the perfect press on nail set for almost all occasions. the most appealing thing about this set is that it is universally flattering and suits anyone, so it will be a welcome addition to your nail polish collection over weddings, business meetings and whatnot.

Product ID LKC-88-65
Color White
Brand LICK
Item Material Acrylic
Finishing Square Nail Tips with Glossy Finish
Weight 200 gm
Country Of Origin India

 How to apply press on nails :

cleanse and push back cuticles, Using alcohol or a nail dehydrator, clean the nail surface (optional),File and shape your natural nails, Select the size, Apply at an angle, Press and hold for 30-60 seconds, Don’t wash your hands for up to 2 hours or apply any moisture.

• How to Remove:

Using Solvents and a Cuticle Pusher, Apply some cuticle oil, Use a cuticle pusher to loosen the nail, Peel off the leftover adhesive, Wash your hands and apply hand cream.

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