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The concept of using Gua Sha has been a part of the wellness treatment since the paleolithic age in ancient China. These heart-shaped skincare tools have been designed to not only enhance your daily beauty ritual but to help you relax and unwind when you’re in need of a spa-worthy treatment. Our Love Earth Rose Quartz Gua Sha is made with 100% naturally sourced rose quartz, a stone that is known as a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. It's believed by some to emit strong vibrations of love, which are thought to support emotional and relationship healing inspire compassion boost feelings of peace and calm to soothe the mind, release negative thoughts, and bring harmony, the gua sha is your next skincare and wellness hero. Our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone acts as a natural face lifter and is used to scrape the skin intentionally to promote blood circulation and drain the lymph nodes naturally while smoothening your face with its anti-aging properties.

Product ID LE61
Color Pink
Brand Love Earth
Weight 100 gms
Country Of Origin India

100% Real Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone

  • The Back: Apply serum, oil or moisturizer. Then the Gua Sha will help with the absorption of vital ingredients. It can also be stored in the fridge prior to use for an extra cooling effect. Start with using the upper side and drag the gua sha up the back of the neck using firm pressure. When you are near the hairline, press on the area which feels most tense. Repeat this sequence for more stress relief.

  • The Neck: With the inwardly curved side of the tool, sweep up the side of the neck from the collarbone towards your jawline. When you reach the jawline, use short, sharp pressing motions. These short sharps pressing is a key ingredient in getting you to your best stress-free self. Repeat this sequence before moving to the opposite side.

  • The Throat: Take the upper side of the gua sha. Now with light pressure, massage the throat. Starting in between the collarbones, sweep the tool upwards following the curve of the neck before using the two points to apply pressure to the jawline.

  • The Jawline: With the gua sha on its side, use the heart side to make sweeping motions across the jawline. You shall start at the chin and move the tool upwards towards the ear. And then repeat this sequence before at least once moving to the opposite side.
  • The Cheeks: Take the longer side of the gua sha, and use it to massage the cheekbones. You start just above the mouth and to the side of the nose and drag the tool upwards, following the contours of the cheekbones, towards the hairline using medium pressure. Also, repeat this sequence before moving to the opposite side.

  • The Eyes: In this, you use the long curve of the ˜love heart to massage the under-eye area. Now place the gua sha flat against the inner corner of the eye and use small pressure while you sweep outwards towards your hairline.

  • The Eyebrows: Place the small curve of the heart shape underneath the eyebrow and the longer curve above the eyebrow before sweeping motions following the shape of the eyes out towards the hairline. Use gentle pressure.

  • The Forehead: Start with the longer side of the gua sha, pull the tool upwards from just above the eyebrows towards the top of the forehead. Now repeat this and then move to the opposite side.


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