DIY Makeup Hacks Becoming Talk of the Time.

Date 13-04-2022

DIY makeup hacks becoming talk of the time.

DO IT YOURSELF [DIY] has been the one stop solution for every missing product from your vanity, for most while having an adventurous makeup experience or when one is getting late for an event. Not only DIY makeup but also DIY skincare are also becoming an important part of our life. Either you’re looking to eliminate toxic chemicals from your beauty products or to simplify your skincare routine.Also if you are on a budget and are looking for affordable ways to indulge in beauty products. Or maybe you’re just a DIY junkie you’ll know it all in this blog. Also nowadays we see our favorite makeup artists giving us hacks that can be our guide for correcting all the disasters we do, from doing minimal makeup looks to having over the top makeup looks with just few steps and few products.

Making the look effortlessly beautiful is a skill that can be achieved by these beautiful and easy hacks. DIY makeup is an art that has evolved tremendously over past few months.

Here are some top tips on achieving the most effortless makeup and skincare the minimalist use of products:

  • If you envy those huge voluminous lashes of celebrities and still a novice at wearing falsies, then grab some cotton balls right now. First, apply your usual one coat of mascara, which will separate your lashes and set the stage for next step. Now, take a spoolie brush and rub it onto a cotton ball in a way, that it catches some fibres from the cotton ball. Now, start running this brush onto your lashes. Apply second coat of mascara and repeat it if you feel you need more length and volume.
  • Crumbled up shadow? Don’t worry we can get it fixed and make a new lip tint. I know how bad it feels when your eye shadow breaks but now we a better option for you so that it doesn’t go in vein. You can repurpose it into a really bossy lip tint with a new hack. What you need to do is just put that eye shadow into a container and that’s about it!
  • If you’re out of your eyeliner just one small step can give you a new eyeliner. What you have to do is just take a brow brush and mascara just rub that brush on the mascara and apply it on your eyes and you’re ready to go. This even helps you get a smudged eyeliner effect.

As we all know DIY has been the best way to get your makeup done with less time and less products!


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