How to choose your Makeup Artist?

Date 13-04-2022

How to choose your makeup artist?

Every bride wants to look beautiful and feel confident on her wedding day, booking & choosing the right MUA is the most important  & eminent thing on a bride’s checklist! That’s one place you wouldn’t want to go wrong! So the question is how to choose your makeup artist.

  • The most important of all and probably the first thing you will do even before calling the artist. Take your time and check the work, Check the ratings and definitely check client testimonials. However again the most famous makeup artist may not be the best for you, so you need to choose wisely
  • It’s usually right when you judge an artist from her make-up kit and what is inside. It’s important that your makeup artist is certified as Professional makeup artists understand ingredients and the importance of using high quality products instead of cutting corners and using inexpensive makeup.
  • Also it’s extremely important that your bridal makeup artist keep the brushes and the pallets clean and sanitized. Don’t be shy to check and point out the dirt, politely.
  • It’s very important that you are at ease with the person who is going to work on your face. If the MUA’s personality pleases you and feel connected and comfortable then you are going in the right direction. Never seize under pressure of advertisement and greatness of MUA just because others have said it. Find the one who clicks with you, someone with whom you can be comfortable with. Artists are sensitive and if they feel free with you, they will give the best out of them in return.

These are a few pointers that can help you in having the best experience with your makeup artist and get the makeup look of your choice! Be wise & choose the best for yourself always !


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