Understanding The Color Palate

Date 13-04-2022

Understanding The Color Palate

“Matching” suggests playing it safe and only using colors that go together while doing your makeup. “Coordinating” entails staying in the same color family, but being a little bolder and more daring is how you work with color. Color theory - the study of how colors work together - is a cornerstone of any good makeup artist's practice. To help you get an idea of how you can experiment with bold color combinations without creating a total disaster on your face, here are some tips on how to coordinate your makeup properly:


You don't have to go to art school to get a basic understanding of color theory. Go ahead and give the color wheel a quick glance. In the world of makeup, complementary colors don’t really “compliment” each other because they can be quite garish when used together. But they are great for a statement look. Mossy green eye makeup with a red lip can look stunning. It looks best when complementary colors are used on separate areas of the face, versus right next to each other.


When In Doubt, Follow the One or the Other Rule

This is as simple as it sounds. If you're worried about color matching or color coordination, the foolproof method is to just follow the rule of one or the other. If you're going to do a very bold eye, do a simple lip. If you're going to do a bold color on the lip, keep the eye makeup simple and neutral.

With makeup there’s always a way out! Its either going to be good or glamorous , but it must be done the right way!


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